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About Me
Based in the south-east of England, I’m a journalist, book designer, and typographer. I really don’t like moths and can tie my shoelaces really well. I dream of someone paying me to watch Korean dramas and/or Pitch Perfect all day. I also dream about losing my car and I don’t know why.

If there is anything with which I can help you (not shoelaces) don’t hesitate to get in touch. ︎︎︎

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Published Non-fiction

A comprehensive list of every piece of non-fiction and journalism I’ve published. 

The Daily Beast The 8 most absurd sports scenes ever — 01.05.24
TIME — Queen of Tears is yet another K-drama that doesn’t stick the landing — 30.04.24
The Verge Another Crab’s Treasure is a cheery, accessible take on Dark Souls — 24.04.24
The Daily Beast The Shōgun finale didn’t show its biggest moment. Good. — 24.04.24
The New York Times A gun-toting crab confronts a fiendishly tough video game genre — 24.04.24
The Daily Beast We’re so close to seeing weird alien sex on Star Trek — 18.04.24
The Daily Beast How did Star Trek: Discovery become TV’s most boring show? — 04.04.24
TIME  Queen of Tears bucks convention for a fresh K-Drama romance worth watching — 29.03.24
Rolling Stone Hiroyuki Sanada’s journey from Japan to Shōgun — 29.02.24
Slate Shōgun improves on a notorious orientalist blockbuster — 27.02.24
Vulture Is D.P. the unluckiest K-drama ever aired? — 19.02.23
Radio Times Doctor Slump embodies one of K-drama's most frustrating tropes — 09.02.24
Eurogamer Why games need a thriving third-party accessibility scene — 02.02.24
Radio Times Netflix's The Bequeathed turns mental illness into a creature feature — 26.01.24
The Daily Beast The MCU’s obsession with Daredevil is holding it back — 24.01.24
The Daily Beast The Brothers Sun is an epic waste of Michelle Yeoh’s time — 09.01.24
Rolling Stone Like Flowers in Sand is your new K-drama obsession — 07.01.24
Vulture — 25 years of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron obsession — 28.12.23
Eurogamer Our personal top-five games of 2023 — 28.12.23
Rolling Stone 10 best South Korean TV shows of 2023 — 27.12.23
WIREDSony’s new Access controller reveals a big problem in adaptive gaming — 11.12.23
Eurogamer 25 years ago, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time became more than a game — 10.12.23
InverseThe best tactical RPG of 2023 borrows a trick from Soviet propaganda — 02.12.23
Eurogamer 25 years on, Space Station Silicon Valley remains an innovative gem — 19.11.23
WIREDThe future of game accessibility is surprisingly simple — 17.11.23
Eurogamer Why gaming is so important to players with chronic pain — 17.11.23
The Daily Beast The MCU should bring Tony Stark back—but not as Iron Man — 15.11.23
Rolling Stone — Doona!: inside Netflix’s K-pop romance sensation — 26.10.23
Radio Times Doona! ending explained — 25.10.23
Eurogamer A round-up of the talks from GAconf USA 2023 — 18.10.23
The Daily Beast — What everyone is still getting wrong about ‘The Slap’ — 18.10.23
The Daily Beast Now that it’s over, will anyone even remember Ahsoka? — 02.10.23
The Daily Beast The Sex Education funeral episode matters more than the show’s sex — 02.10.23
PolygonThe best gaming mice — 18.09.23
The Daily Beast South Korea’s Moving is finally a superhero TV series worth watching — 18.09.23
The Daily Beast Ahsoka is setting up the entire future of Star Wars—very, very slowly — 08.09.23
Slate Star Wars has a Jedi problem — 05.09.23
Eurogamer Why are visual novels suddenly so popular? — 16.08.23
The Daily Beast — Strange New Worlds Season 2 is the horniest Star Trek has ever been — 11.08.23
The Daily Beast The best TV musical episodes of all time, ranked! — 11.08.23
The Daily Beast Will The Witcher Season 4 pick up the pace? Don’t count on it — 04.08.23
WIRED — Another Crab’s Treasure does what Elden Ring won’t — 02.08.23
The Daily Beast A Henry Cavill-Free ‘The Witcher’ Isn’t as Doomed as It Seems — 01.08.23
Rolling Stone Don’t sleep on Revenant, a masterful K-horror series on Disney+ — 29.07.23
Eurogamer Why do I let video games send me back to school? — 26.07.23
Eurogamer Without change, Nintendo’s accessibility will remain accidental — 19.07.23
WIREDHow AI can make gaming better for all players — 10.07.23
The Daily Beast Suck it, Kirk and Picard: the best Star Trek captain is Pike — 06.07.23
The Daily Beast Disney’s use of AI in Secret Invasion is bad, but that doesn’t mean AI is — 21.06.23
Digital Spy The Good Bad Mother doubles down on a terrible trend in TV — 25.05.23
Eurogamer — A round-up of the talks from GAConf Europe 2023 — 14.05.23
Eurogamer After 25 years, Might and Magic 6 reminds us what it’s like to have fun — 14.05.23
InverseHow one legendary show redefined our relationship with time travel — 05.05.23
Startmenu Coffee Talk 2 review — 29.04.23
Eurogamer Why do so many modern games have tiny text? — 25.04.23
WIREDAI isn’t going to reinvent the alphabet anytime soon — 24.04.23
The Daily Beast Cardcaptor Sakura showed kids worldwide that it was OK to be queer — 16.04.23
WIREDGames are more visually accessible than ever. It’s just the start — 14.04.23
Inverse — Andor Has Inadvertently Exposed The Mandalorian’s Biggest Weaknesses — 11.04.23
Eurogamer 25 years on, Resident Evil 2 still feels relevant; personally and on a wider scale — 26.03.23
Radio TimesIs The Glory based on a true story?— 15.03.23
Radio TimesThe Glory ending explained — 14.03.23
Eurogamer Final Fantasy 16 demonstrates that sometimes an accessibility menu is better — 2.03.23
The Daily Beast Get ready for a lot more Kang the Conqueror — 21.02.23
Kotaku Pokémon collectors keep driving up prices on trading cards with women and girls — 20.02.23
Eurogamer A look at the winners of the GAconf Awards 2022 — 15.02.23
Eurogamer Season’s smallest moments are reminders of the real world — 14.02.23
Radio Times The best Korean TV and films you can stream right now — 6.01.23
Digital Spy 10 Korean TV shows to look out for in 2023 — 31.12.22
EurogamerGames of 2022: Pentiment is the year's best balancing act — 29.12.22
EurogamerUnderstanding the pull of ‘undemanding’ games — 16.12.22
EurogamerWhy don’t we talk more about cognitive accessibility? — 12.12.22
GamesIndustry.bizHow much does From Software crunch? — 29.11.22
The Daily BeastJames Marsden has had an incredible year — 23.11.22
Ars TechnicaHow the PS5’s DualSense controller is failing disabled players — 16.11.22
EurogamerA look at this October's Games Accessibility Conference — 08.11.22
VG247 I actually decided to “catch ’em all” – and now I hate myself — 03.11.22
WIREDIn My Loneliest Hours, Persona 5 Reminded Me of Friendship— 31.10.22
The Daily BeastShe-Hulk was soulless garbage, but it didn’t have to be— 14.10.22
Digital Spy Netflix's Little Women isn't a good remake, but it is a great show — 29.09.22
EurogamerModern Warfare 2’s open beta demonstrates Activision’s accessibility negligence — 28.09.22
The Daily BeastWhy are we ignoring the disturbing allegations against Lee Jung-jae? — 16.09.22
Radio Times Netflix’s Little Women isn’t just anonther adaptation — 16.09.22
The Cricketer The danger of Joe Clarke's redemptive arc — 01.09.22
The Washington Post For disabled gamers, The Last of Us Part I remake is worth $70 — 30.08.22
WIREDThe fate of video game preservation is in your hands  — 19.08.22
PolygonExtraordinary Attorney Woo is autistic representation at its best and its worst — 17.08.22
Radio TimesNetflix's Extraordinary Attorney Woo is breaking the mould, here's why — 12.08.22
FanbyteRanking mystery games by how much detective work you actually get to do — 29.07.22
VG247I hated Elden Ring, but in trying to find something to love I accidentally platinumed it — 26.07.22
FanbyteA TMNT newbie ranks Shredder’s Revenge characters based on the vibes  — 29.06.22
The Daily BeastDisney has made Star Wars burnout unavoidable — 23.06.22
From GamersOlliOlli World (print only)
Gaming BibleTech isn't the only thing stopping Sony emulating the PlayStation 3 — 06.05.22
GamesIndustry.bizThe birthplace of Nintendo — 02.05.22
FanbyteI named and rated all the cats in Ghostwire: Tokyo — 28.04.22
Daily Art MagazineTokyo thrift: japonisme and the Japanese Bauhaus — 18.04.22
GuidefallElden Ring makes me wish From Software would do something else — 18.04.22
IGNWhy Sony (probably) won’t emulate the PlayStation 3 — 21.04.22
Daily Art MagazineFrauhaus: Gunta Stölzl and the women of the Bauahaus — 19.03.22
InverseYou need to watch the best Korean sci-fi show on Amazon Prime ASAP — 10.03.22
InverseSix questions All of Us Are Dead needs to answer in season 2 — 02.03.22
InverseSix questions Squid Game needs to answer in season 2 — 01.03.22
Rock Paper ShotgunMaking Souls games accessible isn't the same as making them easy — 25.02.22
WIREDHistorical games have promise but only if they’re honest — 18.02.22
Into the SpineThings I cannot change — 11.02.22
InverseSchool’s out for the apocalypse (All of Us Are Dead preview) — 27.01.22
The FaceLife as a 30-year-old designer with chronic illness — 01.07.21
The HistorianGlowing in the dark: women vs the United States Radium Corporation — 26.04.21
UX CollectiveFiverr: it’s bad, guys; it’s bad — 02.03.20
Superjump MagazineSeeing red: navigation in gaming — 05.01.20
History TodayA perfect landing: Apollo 12, 50 years on — 12.12.19
Daily Art Magazine The last craftsman: the man who invented modernism — 30.08.19
The MightyTo the friends who left after I became ill — 22.10.17

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