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Geoffrey Bunting Graphic Design's base rate for any job is £30/hr.


This rate is changeable depending on the type of job taken on or the deadline. For instance, a "rush job" may incur a higher charge than a job with a reasonable turnaround. We do use fixed prices as well, though these too may be changeable depending on the job and are worked out using our hourly base rate.


Certain type of job carry different price schemes. For a website, rather than hourly, we will tend to charge a base rate and then a price for each page after. Similarly, in laying out a book we charge a base rate for the design then a per-page-rate on top of that.


We are happy to discuss your budget with you and to provide you with a quote, but please be realistic in your expectations of the cost of your project. We are flexible and mindful of our clients' budgets and circumstances, but the simple truth is that a brand does not cost £50, and many jobs like branding and web design can take in excess of twenty hours. There is an adage we use in the industry: "you get what you pay for".


Get in touch to discuss your project and get a quote, we are very friendly.

Why should I hire a professional?


Many people believe hiring a designer is an extraneous expense, preferring to do it themselves or hire a non-designer at a cheaper rate. Online platforms, like Wix and Squarespace, make people think they can do without a designer. But what these tools do not give you is a unique or bespoke product. Rather, you would be working with elements and templates that hundreds of others have access to. A designer gives you something unique and something personal, a guarantee that your product will look professional, and you can't develop a relationship with an online tool like you can with a designer. Designers spend years learning how to design everything from book covers to signage; we know how to develop consistent brands, build eye-catching websites, and effectively communicate your message to clients and customers.


Think of it this way: If you needed plumbing work you would hire a plumber, else run the risk of incurring further cost. So why would you try and design your own logo or book cover?

Why should I care about design?


The benefits of hiring a professional are clear, but why should I even care about design? It's my product that counts, right?


Well, yes. The most important thing to you is the product or service you are providing. But having design high on your list of priorities gives you an advantage over your competition, attracts more and better clientele, and brings you better profits. Don't believe us? Well, there have been studies.


According to three studies − The Value of Design Fact-finder (2007); Design Delivers for Business (2012); and Leading Business by Design (2013) − companies that put design first can expect: £4 net profit for every £1 spent on design, £5 in increased exports for every £1 spent on design, and £20 in increased revenues for every £1 spent on design. 23% of the most successful companies in the world rank design first, and as annual turnover increases this percentage increases too. In short, successful companies care about design.





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