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One of our biggest interests is languages and symbology − not in a Da Vinci Code way; definitely not in a Da Vinci Code way − and specifically ways of communicating that are pictorial or gestural. So, separate to our typography page, this page deals with interesting symbols and language-based projects that come our way.


During an annual "big tidy" one of us came upon an old and slightly bedraggled book from childhood called "The Big Book of Cowboys". Having a flick through we found a really interesting spread talking about cattle-brands and the various names for these. They're not especially imaginative with names like "Four D", but some like "Whang Doodle" and "Seven Up" piqued our interest. So we created vector versions to update this tired old book that somebody didn't look after.

The Utopian Alphabet

The Utopian language is the language of the fictional land of Utopia, as described in Thomas More's Utopia. A brief sample of the constructed language is found in an addendum to More's book, written by his good friend Peter Giles. Pretending to be factual, the book does not name the creator of the language; both More and Giles have been alternately credited, with Giles often thought to have designed the alphabet. It came to our attention when one of us read the biography of Eric Gill by Fiona MacCarthy. Gill was greatly interested in More's Utopia and created a relief of the alphabet.




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