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Here at Geoffrey Bunting Graphic Design, we specialise in book design, branding, typography, and web design. We've been fortunate enough to work with a wide range of clients in an array of disciplines, including National Geographic, Pearson, Nunkie, Mark Pepper, and many others.


One of our main focusses is creating long-lasting relationships with clients.
We want to be a constant source of security for our clients; someone they can always call on if they need to. As an independent, we give more focus to individual clients and offer a shorter turnaround, all while keeping our prices
at the low-end of industry standard and offering affordable design.


We are always available to discuss your project and budget, so get in touch; we're super-friendly and we often accompany our correspondence with photos of our dogs and cats.

Testimonials and REcommendations

  • Tahlia Merrill Kirk, Timeless Tales Magazine

    “I highly recommend Geoffrey Bunting, he not only designed several kick-ass covers for us, but also formatted the stories inside so they looked really professional. Geoffrey's efforts elevated the quality of our magazine exponentially and had no trouble meeting our deadlines (usually delivering early, even!). His rates were very reasonable, even though we were on a tight budget. We've used many different designers in the past, but Geoffrey is, by far, my favourite. Definitely check him out!.”

  • Robert Lloyd Parry, Nunkie Theatre Company

    “Geoffrey designed a logo and a new look for my website. I'm delighted with what he came up with. He is an imaginative and thoughtful designer who really listens to what his clients have to say. I'd recommend him to anyone.”

  • Mark Pepper, Mark Pepper Associates

    “Geoffrey Bunting helped me by designing a booklet and campaign for a charity walk in aid of Walking for the Wounded. I wouldn't consider going anywhere else from now on.”

  • Shedload Theatre Management

    “The work we received from Geoffrey Bunting Graphic Design was second-to-none and is responsible for a large part of the success we have had to date, and we owe them an enormous debt.”

  • Bevis Lowry, Author

    "Geoffrey Bunting made the cover for my novella, Blessings from a Wounded People, which you can see in the 'stories' section of my site. I’m happy with the results and it’s been well-received by readers as well. I had a concept at the beginning which he helped me to improve, and he was always friendly and professional in his dealings. I recommend working with him!"

  • Zoe Curry, YouTuber

    “The brand Geoffrey Bunting Graphic Design made for me is great and me and my followers love it.”




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